Benbrook History Documentary (Video)

4x6-B-hist-poster-02.jpg "Once Upon a Time in Benbrook" is a fast-paced and highly-entertaining broadcast-quality

documentary covering the history of Benbrook. Presented as a series of stories about the people and incidents that have intersected with, or originated in, Benbrook, Texas, the dramatic 45-minute production depicts incidents on a large scale, both nationally and well as events of a more personal and heartfelt nature. It can be viewed in its entirely or via individual segments.

Historically accurate and visually dynamic, with maps displayed throughout showing present-day locations of the events depicted, "Once Upon a Time in Benbrook " can be viewed in conjunction with the free Benbrook History Tour Map (available at the link below; printed maps are available at Benbrook City Hall).

This documentary and the recent history publication "Images of America: Benbrook," make excellent companions, with the book providing detailed history and background information on the dramatic events depicted in the video.
1. The Beginning
2. The West
3. The Namesake
4. The Bandits
5. The Hanging Tree
6. The Biplanes
7. The Dancer
8. The President
9. The Infamous
10. The Dam
11. The Community

"Once Upon a Time in Benbrook" DVD's (HD) (cost $10) and the "Images of America: Benbrook" publication (cost $23.80 with tax) are available for purchase at Benbrook City Hall, 911 Winscott Road, Benbrook, TX. Call 817-249-6087 for more information.
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