Online Payment Information

Benbrook Municipal Court fines may be viewed or paid on-line, excluding payments for violations issued to juveniles, or to minors charged with alcohol or tobacco-related offenses. A citation number and date of birth are required. The system displays current cases only. Cases previously paid, or otherwise disposed of, are not shown. Please be aware that paying a ticket online results in a plea of "no contest" and results in a conviction being entered on the driving record.

Requests for Deferred Disposition or Driver's Safety must be made in person at the Benbrook Municipal Court Office in order to file appropriate paperwork. The Municipal Court Office accepts personal checks, cashier's checks, cash, money orders, and Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards.
The online payment link takes the user to a secure payment website. Please read all instructions carefully. Once a payment has been submitted, DO NOT leave the page until confirmation is generated. Using the 'BACK' button may cause the card to be charged twice.

***If paying online, enter the entire docket number excluding the dash and numbers following it***

Benbrook Municipal Court On-line Payment System