Police Officer Entry Level

Applications are only accepted on or after the date the entry level examination has been posted. To be notified of posted dates, register through Notify Me.

Hiring Process

  • Open, competitive and free Civil Service Examination, which tests general knowledge and aptitude*
  • Physical Agility**
  • Background Investigation
  • Preliminary Interview
  • Oral Review Board
  • Polygraph/psychological examination/medical physical
  • Police academy and job assignment

*Candidates must pass the written examination with a score of 70 or higher.
**Upon passing the written exam, candidates must pass the Physical Agility Test.

Candidates successfully completing the written and physical agility exams will be placed on an Eligibility List which is maintained for a period of twelve-months or unless exhausted.

Military Experience

Five (5) points are added to a passing score for military credit with honorable discharge. A copy of a DD214 must be provided on or before the exam date.


Immediate Disqualifiers

Additional Benefits