Drainage Maintenance Policy

Drainage Areas Owned by the City of Benbrook

The City will maintain these areas as required. City crews will continue to obtain written permission when access through private property is required.

Drainage Areas Contained
Within Easements on Private Property

City crews will perform required maintenance in these areas limited to removing blockages, accumulated debris, and otherwise maintaining the area for free and open flow of drainage. The private property owner on whose property the easement is contained will be required to provide normal service maintenance including, but not limited to, the cutting and removal of vegetation. City maintenance crews may, with the private property owner's written consent, apply herbicides which will limit or retard the growth of vegetation when access is available and application of such herbicides is deemed desirable by the City.

Drainage Areas Occurring on Private Property

The private property owner will be required to provide normal service maintenance in the drainage area. City crews may perform limited maintenance on drainage areas on private property after obtaining written consent from all adjoining property owners.