What is required for a Sketch Plat?
A sketch plat may be drawn at a convenient scale on paper no larger than 24” by 36” and show:

- The boundaries and dimensions of the property in question
- Existing (if any) and proposed name of subdivision
- Name, address, and telephone number of owner, legal description (Lot, Block,
Survey Abstract or Metes and Bounds from Deed)
- Scale, north arrow, and date
- Existing easements, rights-of-way, watercourses, and streets
- The Conceptual iSWMTM Site Plan
- Approximate location, rough dimensions, and minimum area of proposed lots
- Approximate locations and dimensions of proposed streets and public improvements
- Vicinity map showing general development location.

Following City Planner review, it will be determined whether a Preliminary Plat or Short Form Plat is required.

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