Apply For

  1. Alarm Permit

  2. Birth and Death Certificates

    Find out how to get birth and death certificates in the city.

  3. Boards and Commissions

    Read through information about the different boards and commissions setup.

  4. City Job

    Browse through open city jobs.

  5. Building Permit

  6. Contractors Registration

    View the contractors registration information required by the city.

  7. Fire Code Inspection

    Learn about fire code inspections, what to expect, how to pass, and more.

  8. Pet Registration

    Get the information on how to register your pet with the city.

  9. Sign Permit

    Find information about what is required in order to display a sign.

  10. Solicitors Permit

    Expand your knowledge about how to be a legal solicitor.

  11. Special Event Permit

    Discover what it takes to hold a special event in the community.