Building Permits and Inspections

The Building Permits and Inspections Department ensures the safety of buildings within Benbrook by enforcing building codes and providing inspection services for buildings, electrical work, mechanical work, plumbing, signs, and zoning regulations, as required by ordinance. The department also maintains up-to-date records of inspections, issues construction-related permits, and enforces health-related ordinances.

The City of Benbrook uses the International Code Series, along with regional and local amendments.

The City of Benbrook City Council approved the adoption of the 2015 International Code Council Series and 2017 National Electrical Code, along with regional and local amendments. These new codes become effective September 1, 2016 and January 1, 2018. The new local amendments are available on the Codes and Ordinances link.

Online Permitting System

The City of Benbrook Building Permits and Inspections Department offers a program to allow users to apply for permits, check on the status of permits, secure a permit, pay permit fees, schedule and/or cancel inspections, and check the status of an inspection online.

If you have any difficulties with the online system, please call 817-249-6064.