How do I apply for a Conditional Use Permit?
If a proposed use requires a Conditional Use Permit as specified in the “Use Regulations” within the Zoning District specification of the Zoning Ordinance, then an application must be filed with the Planning Department at least 30 days prior to the next scheduled Planning and Zoning Commission meeting. The application consists of a letter addressed to the Planning and Zoning Commission and submitted to Staff; a site plan drawing to scale depicting the proposed request and in accordance with Chapter 17.80 and Chapter 17.76.050.A of the Zoning Ordinance; and the appropriate nonrefundable filing fee. The letter should include each of the following:
• Date
• Applicant’s name and contact information
• Applicant’s representative, if applicable
• Address of the subject property
• Legal description of the subject property
• Elevations of any buildings, structures, and signs
• Detailed explanation of the request (see below)

The detailed explanation should include the information about the proposed use and how the proposed Conditional Use is compatible with Permitted Uses in the District; the hours of operation, if applicable; and other pertinent information that pertains to the proposed use in support of the request for a Conditional Use Permit.

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