How do I participate in the 'Yellow Bag' program?

Residents may participate in a second weekly garbage collection simply by purchasing special yellow bags and placing them curbside on Saturdays. There is no need to sign-up or register for the program. The program allows Benbrook residents to receive twice-weekly garbage collection without incurring an increase in the Allied/Republic Waste monthly rate. Yellow bags should be placed at curbside on Saturday mornings by 7:00 AM, and no earlier than Friday evenings (5:00 PM). The bags are collected on Saturdays. Yellow bags may be purchased at Benbrook City Hall (911 Winscott Road) or at the Benbrook Water Authority (1121 Mercedes Street). The cost is $13.53 for a roll of 25 bags.

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1. How do I participate in the 'Yellow Bag' program?
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