Street Construction and Street Lights

Asphalt Overlay Program

Annually, the city applies a leveling layer of asphalt to approximately 8 linear miles of existing streets to improve pavement condition and extend service life. Streets are selected based on pavement condition, street age, traffic volume and street classification (thoroughfare, collector, residential, etc.). For an individual street, the process is normally completed the same day. Notification of work is provided via door hangers several days prior to the initial work.

Street Reconstruction

Major repairs requiring street reconstruction are normally funded through the issuance of debt (municipal bonds) and are performed by a private company. The city prioritizes street construction projects annually based on a number of factors including pavement condition, street age, traffic volume, and street classification (thoroughfare, collector, residential, etc.). Street reconstruction projects are undertaken as funding allows and are chosen by the Benbrook City Council.

Street Lights

Street lights are maintained by Oncor. To report an outage or other street light problem, please contact Oncor at 888-313-4747 or You can also use their street light locator map to identify and report an issue. 

Street Signs and Signals

Benbrook installs maintains all street signs and traffic signals other than those associated with Texas Department of Transportation road systems.